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Moc Chau – A Plateau of Beautiful Tea Hills and Potent Corn Wine

Moc Chau boasts unbounded green tea hills, stunning vistas of countless choy flowers, and potent corn wine that will leave you in a state of blissful drunkenness. These charming features never fail to impress and captivate anyone visiting this area.

Highlights of Moc Chau

Moc Chau is a mountainous district located in the southeast of Son La province, approximately 180 kilometers northwest of Hanoi. It is a unique place where 12 distinct ethnic groups coexist peacefully, including three prominent ethnic groups: Thai, H’mong, and Kinh.

Moc Chau Description - Plateau

This area is truly a blessed land with a charmingly simple and rustic beauty that is typical of the Northwest highlands. For years, it has been regarded as one of the most attractive destinations in the Northern region, particularly during the early years when the plum blossoms are in full bloom. Notable tourist attractions include Bat Cave, Pine Forest in Ang Village, Dai Yem Waterfall, and countless picturesque tea hills and grass fields in Moc Chau town.

Moc Chau Description - Pine Forest in Ang Village

Especially when visiting Moc Chau, tourists cannot afford to overlook the flavorful local cuisine. Besides stunning specialties such as apricot, strawberry, tea, milk, or corn wine, Moc Chau is also renowned for its mouth-watering food. Some of the must-try dishes here include buffalo meat upstairs kitchen, five-color sticky rice, grilled veal, grilled stream fish, salmon hotpot, and other dishes of naked catfish.

Moc Chau Description - Dai Yem Waterfall

Best time to visit Moc Chau

Moc Chau boasts a mild year-round climate with four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The plateau is a haven for flora, with blooming flowers and fruits throughout the year. In January, the hills are awash with verdant tea plantations and fragrant blossoms, including peach, plum, apricot, and cherry. From mid-May, the plums begin to ripen, and locals eagerly gather them to sell to traders in the southern region.

Moc Chau Description - Moc Chai Children

Although flowers are scarce during summer and strawberries are out of season, the area offers a plethora of outdoor activities thanks to its fresh air and outdoor recreation options. The ripe persimmon season in Moc Chau spans from August to December each year. The white choy flowers bloom in November, while December sees the plateau aglow with vibrant mountain marigolds.

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