Amazing thailand

Thailand has been a major travel destination for a number of years, with plenty of attractions on offer. The nightlife is an incredible experience, and coupled with the incredible landscapes, it in an amazing hub for tourists of all inclinations.

Thai culture is influenced by a lot of outside cultures, most of which in the Indochina regions, including India, Laos, China and Cambodia.

Thai cuisine is something to be admired, they use rice for almost every meal, particularly jasmine variety rice, however the selection of different herbs, spices and condiments mean that there are an incredible number of recipes, despite the same base, and the selection of different flavours can be an experience all on its own.

Bangkok is usually the first stop for visitors, who then branch out from the city based on their personal interests. The southernmost region attracts the beach lovers with its exotic coastline whereas the north encompasses different, but equally appealing scenery with mountains, jungles and rivers.

Country full name: The Kingdom of Thailand

  • Area: 514,000 km2
  • Population: 68 million, majority is Thai people and other ethnic minorities
  • Capital City: Bangkok, 14 million people
  • Commercial City: Bangkok
  • National Language: Thai
  • Religion: Buddhism (90%)
  • National flower: The Ratchaphruek (Cassia Fistula)
  • Currency: Thai Baht (THB)
  • International Dialing Code: +66


Thailand has equatorial tropical climate, weather is hot and humid all year round, temperature ranging from 28-35oC. Generally there are 3 seasons in a year: cool, hot and rainy. Cool season from Nov- Feb annually is the most ideal time to travel to Thailand, the weather is neither much rainy nor too hot the temperature will be 5oC decreased. Hot season starts from Mar-May with average temperature 40oC, it is the best time for traveler to explore many festivals especially “Water Splashing” and Versak as well as enjoy sunny beautiful beaches. Rainy season is from June to Oct. However, each season creates specific joys for travellers, please contact our team to get the best advises to Thailand.

Life style and cultural differences:

Greetings: The same as Laos and Cambodia, greetings culture ‘Wai” of Thai people also “hand joining fore breast, bow with lower head and a bit touch forehead”, touching their head or tapping their back also unacceptable. Rubbing the child’s head is normal action that older express loves to child but you should not do this when travelling to Thailand this shows non-respect to their culture.

Communication: Thai people are always affable and soft-tongued. They highly appreciate the personal mood control, hence never raising your voice or express your angry when communicating with them. Failure to do that, travellers can not enjoy full pleasures of the trip.

The taboos: Travellers should remember some tips when travelling to Thailand listed hereinafter, if do so you will win loves from Thai people:

  • Do not wear short clothes, speak loudly, draw or climb on Buddha statues when visiting pagodas, also women do not touch Buddhist monks or give anything directly to them because it is not allowed in Thailand. And if you buy Buddha statue as souvenirs, make sure that not to put them together with your clothes bag as it means that you blaspheme against their national religion.
  • Do not give bad comments and humiliate about Thai’s Royal otherwise serious penalty will be applied to you.
  • Do not use your legs pointing at thing or person because legs are “the dirtiest parts” of body as per Thai culture. Sitting posture is also not to leave your feet towards Buddha statue.
  • Never use red-inked color pen to write or sign your name on any documents because this kind of pen is used to write the death's name on the coffin’s cover.
  • Do not have your body bared are not allowed at public areas even the fact that the weather is terribly hot, you will be fined a significant amount if doing this.

Price policy: When shopping, tourists should know that different prices will be applied between locals and foreigners, it is rarely happened in other countries. However, if you can speak Thai language, you can pay at local price.

FunniesHow to say some simple Thai words / sentences or learn more at

English Thai
  1. Hello
  2. How are you?
  3. I am fine          
  4. Thank you
  5. What is your name?
  6. My name is KHON
  7. How much?                 
  8. Very cheap / very expensive
  9. I am sorry
  10. Yes / No
  11. Good bye
  1. Sa-wat-dii
  2. Sabaai-dii mái/rue?
  3. Phóm/chán sabaai-dii)
  4. Khop khun
  5. Khun chue arai?
  6. Phŏm/dì-chăn cheun KHON
  7. Thâo'rai'
  8. Thùuk / phaeng
  9. Kho thot
  10. Chai / Mai chai
  11. Laa kon

Public holidays:

  • 01 Jan, New Year, International New Year Day
  • 08 Feb, Chinese New Year,
  • 22 Feb, Maka Bucha day, First full moon day to pay homage to Buddha
  • 06 Apr, Chakri Memorial Day, Foundation day of the present Thailand dynasty, House of Chakri in 1782
  • 13-15 Apr, Thai New Year, Song Khran Traditional Thai new year , also “Watering Splashing” festival
  • 01 May, May day, International Labor day,
  • 05 May, Coronation Day, Commemorates the coronation of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1950
  • 21 May, Versak day, Commemorates the Buddha’s date of birth
  • 12 Aug, Thai Queen’s birthday, Thai Queen’s birthday
  • 15 Sep, Asalha Puja, Full moon festival of Theravada Buddhism
  • 16 Nov, Loy Krathong day
  • 05 Dec, National day and King’s birthday 

Sample itineraries: