Laos is a country that exists out of time with the rest of the world. It moves at its own, leisurely pace, and ignores the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Laos has a vibrant culture, its national instrument, the khaen, has prehistoric origins, and is used, primarily, in folk music. The dominant religion in Laos is Buddhism, and this can across the country in art, literature and performing arts.

Unlike most of Asia, Laos remained untouched by external civilisation for most of the 20th century, which means visitors today discover a society with an incredible spiritual tradition, reminding travellers of a simpler past, without the rush of modern society.

Overall information:

  • Country full name: People's Democratic Republic of Laos
  • Area: 236,800 km2
  • Population: 7 million, majority is Lao people and other ethnic minorities
  • Capital City: Vientiane, 750,000 people
  • Commercial City: Vientiane
  • National Language: Lao
  • Religion: Buddhism (85%)
  • National flower: Dok Champa (Plumeria)
  • Currency: Lao Kip (LAK)
  • International Dialing Code: +856


Laos’s climate is also tropical monsoon as some countries in Southeast Asia region. Northern Laos has 4 seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter with different temperatures between Winter and Summer. Middle and Southern Laos have 2 seasons: rainy and dry. The best time conducting trips to the Laos from Dec - April annually with the average temperature ranging from 15-30oC with famous destinations: Capital city Vientiane, ancient capital Luang Prabang, Xieng Khuang, Savanakhet, Champasak…with its specific sites.

You can travel to Laos at any time you wish but just should check the weather condition to prepare proper travelling belongings. Please contact our agent to be advised the best itineraries.

Life style and cultural differences: 

Greetings: Greetings culture of Laotians is “joining palms and lowering head” but remember that touching or slapping Laotian men’s (or child’s) head is a very impolite and humiliating action which may lead to a fighting. And hugging Laotian women’s waist or kissing their hands (especially unmarried women) will be unacceptable even the fact that you are at the entertainment establishments such as massages, hotels and guesthouses, you may be fined if they report to the police.

Communication: Laotian people prefer soft and tender manner in communicating, even if you want to protect your personal ideas in a discussion, remember not to speak loudly or raise your voice with higher tone, otherwise the conversation will be stopped immediately.

The taboos: Each country has its own taboos, to avoid unexpected misunderstandings travellers should take notes and tips when travelling to Laos listed hereinafter:

  1. Do not wear short clothes, speak loudly or take the offerings that the locals donated to the pagodas because Laotians are strict Buddhism followers;
  2. Do not touch Laotian’s personal belongings if you are not allowed by them;
  3. Do not press the car horn when driving as it is considered the useless accessory of the car or you are thought to come from a strange planet;
  4. Do not step into an Laotian’s local village if you see a cloth string with a special symbol hang out across at the entrance gate, it is their custom that strangers are not allowed;
  5. Do not nude or kiss at the public areas, it is completely unacceptable.

Foods: Almost people are scared of insects but Laotian, they like using insect like cricket, ant egg, spider… to process foods. All are seemed to be delicious and tasty.

Funnies: How to say some simple Lao words / sentences or learn more at



  1. Hello
  2. I love you / I love Laos
  3. How are you?
  4. I am fine
  5. Thank you
  6. What is your name?
  7. My name is KHON
  8. Where are you from?
  9. I am from Vietnam
  10. I want to eat rice / bread
  11. How much?
  12. Very cheap / very expensive
  13. I am sorry
  14. Yes / No
  15. Good bye
  1. Sába̖ai-di̖i
  2. Kho huk jâo / Kho huk Laos
  3. Sába̖ai-di̖i baw?
  4. Sába̖ai-di̖i
  5. Khàwp ja̖i
  6. Jâo seu nyãng?
  7. Kháwy seu KHON
  8. Jâo máa tae sai?
  9. Kháwy m a tae Vietnam
  10. Koi yaak dai kong gin mee khao / khao jii
  11. Theoa dai
  12. Tuke / Phaeng lai lai
  13. Khãw thôht
  14. Maen Leeo / Bor
  15. La kon                                         

Public holidays:

  • 01 Jan, New Year, International New Year Day
  • 08 Mar, Women’s day, International Women’s Day
  • 13-15 Apr, Laotian New Year, Bun Pi May “Watering Splashing” festival
  • 01 May, May day, International Labor day
  • 01 Jun, Children day, International Children Day
  • 19 Jul, Khao Pansa, Buddhist lent festival begins
  • 07 Oct, Bank of Laos, BOL Establishment Day
  • 16 Oct, Bouk Ok Pansa, Buddhist lent festival ends
  • 17 Oct, Boun Xuang Heua, Vientiane boat racing festival on Mekong River
  • 14 Nov, That Luong Festival, Buddhism religious festival
  • 02 Dec, National day, Celebration for the victory of the proletariat in 1975 

Sample itineraries:

Laos Map


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